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Going on Retreat - Why or Why Not?

Is a retreat to Teotihuacan for you?

I’m talking to those who have never been before because I really don’t have to convince people to go a second time.

We all need to retreat from our daily lives from time to time. For me a retreat to Teotihuacan, and a stay at The Dreaming House, near Mexico City, serves many purposes.

A departure from auto-pilot activities—the Internet, e-mail., Social media, snail mail, traffic jams, cell phones, grocery shopping, a withdrawal from daily repetitive routines and responsibilities, to a journey to a haven in which love and unconditional acceptance abounds.

Teotihuacan is a safe place where you can be yourself and reawaken your best life.

Repetitive actions, behavior and emotions give way to the excitement and wonder of the unknown in the space to reconnect to our authentic selves—who are we now, what do find when we enter the unique, energy of a 2000 year old pyramid city?

At its peak, Teotihuacan was home to 200,000 people living in 8 square miles, built with the intention to uncover the human creative spirit, which is still the intention to this day. We retreat to Teotihuacan and find forgotten aspects of ourselves. In the ancient stones replete with reflective mica, we see ourselves from a new perspective.

I find more of me every time I visit the pyramid city. I live more from my heart connected to my voice, than from my brain and my thoughts. I’m more spontaneous and authentic. I find it easy to be honest and open, vulnerable and empathetic. I feel more “in my power” so there’s no reason to be guarded.

When I return to my real-world life, my closest people have noticed that I am quiet and less controlling. I am more in the flow of life and more free.

It is an honor to guide you to find more of yourself, as you explore the inner and the outer you at this ancient sanctuary.

For more information and to ask your questions, call me at 828-665-1673, or send an e-mail with Teo Trip in the subject line. You can also send a text message to 516-395-5724.

To your sustained happiness, personal freedom, and spirit of adventure,


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