Michele S. Laub, MS
Toltec Teacher
Spiritual Life Coach
Licensed Mental Health Counselor



In 1983, I founded Human Potential Unlimited, Inc. an organization dedicated to supporting individuals in their quest for personal freedom and happiness. As a licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice and High School Guidance Counselor for over 20 years, I discovered many elements for supporting my clients to live their best lives were lacking.


From Humanistic Psychotherapy to Toltec Masteries


Over the past 20 years, I have shifted focus from traditional humanistic psychotherapy to combining The Toltec Masteries of Awareness, Transformation and Intent with the action-oriented approach of Spiritual Life Coaching.  


My work combines the wisdom of the ancient Toltecs as brought forth by authors don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love, The Fifth Agreement) and Ray Dodd (The Power of Belief, BeliefWorks) with intentional meditation, transformational psychology, spirituality, and past life regression hypnotherapy to support lasting and positive change. It truly is ancient wisdom brought into the new age.


My Purpose


My students and clients have shared their hopes and dreams, frustrations and disappointments, traumatic experiences, periods of elation and clarity in their desire to create happiness, and the personal freedom to re-create their lives with awareness.  


As a Toltec teacher and Spiritual Life Coach, I work to enliven the transformation process through wisdom, shared life experiences, simple common sense tools such as the Lexicon, a language of Awareness, Transformation and Intent which I have developed.


I have been led to my craft from the desire to heal and find peace and joy in myself, as well as longing for raised consciousness, mutual respect, peace, calm and the voice of reason to prevail on Earth. I have found my voice, my road to happiness that works.  It is my joy to share this with all who happen upon my work, and have a similar longing.




The following short list of certifications and degrees will tell you what others think about me.

It will not tell you who I am, or how I can guide you.

Call me ... communicate with me to know that!


Degree: M.S, Mental Health and School Counseling

Degree: English Education – Undergraduate and Graduate

Counselor: High School and Middle School (Inner City, Suburban, Special Education)

Psychotherapist: Private practice for 25 years

Post Masters Training: Dr. Carl Rogers, Person Centered Therapy – The Learning Community

Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist: The World Institute of Cognitive Sciences

Past and Future Life Regression Specialist:  Dr. Brian Weiss

Certified Facilitator: The Four/Five Agreements

Certified Facilitator: The Law of Attraction

Certified Mentor: The Power of Belief

Certified Coach: The Institute for Life Coach Training

Toltec Dreamer: The Eagle Knight Lineage of don Miguel Ruiz


Call - 828-665-1673

Text- 516-395-5724

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