Guided Spiritual Journey

The path of transformation is found on a journey to a sacred site. I invite you to join me as your guide to:

TEOTIHUACAN, MEXICO - 2020 Dates to be Determined

A Typical Day at Teotihuacan
(all times are approximate)

7 AM Rise (Yoga, Labyrinth, Meditation)
8 AM – 10 AM (Breakfast, prepare for the day at the Pyramids)
10 AM – 3 PM (Activities at the Pyramids)
3 PM – 5 PM (Free Time)
7 PM – 9 PM (Teaching, sharing, healing activities, dancing, entertainment, art)
9 PM - … (Dinner, social time, free time, sweat lodge, Fire Ceremony)


Call - 828-665-1673

Text- 516-395-5724

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