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The Glossary of

Awareness, Transformation and Intent

New Language — New Perception — New You


“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Often we are not aware of our beliefs, until we hear ourselves speaking, or until we observe how we handle life circumstances. We create our lives through our language, speaking words as a result of conditioning, often without awareness and while functioning on auto-pilot. Listening to ourselves, and watching ourselves being ourselves, we create a window into how our mind perceives.


We notice how beliefs, thoughts and words, which carry vibration, energy and light construct our world. We change our world by transforming our focus through our speech, based on what we believe.

As we study and integrate the Language of Awareness, Transformation, and Intent, we discover the words of conscious choice. Qualities, perceptions, actions and behaviors shift optimistically with enthusiasm---from negative to positive, heavy to light, sticky to flexible, fearful to loving.


As we invite additional light into our expanding conscious vocabulary, up-leveling our language, our external world shifts as well, re-creating our focus.

I created this Glossary as a result of consciously living the Toltec teachings, taking the lessons to heart as reflected in The Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz.


These are: 

  • Be impeccable with your word.

  • Don’t take anything personally.

  • Don’t make assumptions.

  • Always do your best.


I participated conscientiously in The East Coast Dreaming Community for over seven years, the Mystery School of the Toltec. The Modern Mystery School offers advanced spiritual training utilizing the tools, techniques, and traditions passed down from person to person since ancient time. These agreements are based in the Toltec Masteries of Awareness, Transformation and Intent, and through these masteries, I consciously re-constructed an innovative life trajectory.


Mindfully and wholeheartedly focusing on integrating these new agreements in my daily life, I automatically dissolved the former agreements, beliefs, emotional reactions, opinions and judgments which diminished my joy. The world of limitless possibilities flourished as my ability to dissipate early conditioning increased.

Crafting choices based in self-love, I found positive self-esteem, faith and trust in myself and humanity also increased.

This Glossary is for everyone who agrees to increase her joy, and who chooses to thrive, while fully embracing her sovereignty and personal freedom. This Glossary is for anyone who chooses to increase her light, automatically affecting not only herself, but the happiness of humanity, as well. We change the world one belief at a time, one action at a time, sometimes one word at a time and from the inside, out.


Let’s Practice  

Say the word “yes” out loud. Now repeat the word “yes” six more time while focusing from your heart, on the word “yes.” Notice how you feel. This is the way language works, shifting our energy, our mood, our attitude, our thoughts, and eventually our destiny.


A Suggestion -- How to use this book.

Read through the book and take note of words, phrases and definitions which pop-out at you, one section at a time and begin with Awareness. Each week choose a word or phrase, and consciously construct sentences in which you use this word idea or phrase. Notice your thoughts and cancel those that are not in alignment with your highest vision of the life you are presently choosing. Explain and discuss the personal meaning of the words or phrases when applicable, up-leveling your conversation. Profound words evoke a permanent impression on others, and on ourselves as well. You can change your beliefs when you focus on changing your language.

Powerful thoughts on words from contemporary American Author,
Richelle E. Goodrich









“Words never fade away but echo on for eternity. Let your echo ring sweet.”

“Words! What power they hold. Once they have rooted in your psyche, it is difficult to escape them. Words can shape the future of a child and destroy the existence of an adult.”

“Words are powerful. Be careful how you use them because once you have pronounced them, you cannot remove the scar they leave behind.”

“The impression in the colors of your profound words evokes an everlasting impression in the mind of whosoever hears it.”

Glossary of

The goal of this Glossary is to focus our attention on language that supports creating our lives as a work of art, while connecting to the deeper truth of who we are. Through shifting our language, we sense the greater potential for our relationships, creativity, spiritual growth, and a prosperous livelihood, as an expression of our values, gifts and contribution to the world. When we shift our language from negative self- talk, lack and “not good enough” stories to words that reflect our heart centered evolution, the world of possibilities emerges. We experience our lives from the place of optimism, trust, and non-judgment.

This Glossary includes language that focuses on Three Toltec Masteries —Awareness, Transformation and Intent. As we integrate this language into our daily lives, our focus shifts as the truth of who we are emerges. We hear ourselves speaking and focusing from a fresh point of view of unlimited possibilities. Becoming familiar with the language of Awareness, Transformation and Intent is the path to emerging as the new you—embracing a life of sustained happiness and personal freedom.

This Glossary is intended as an accessory for anyone who chooses to transform his or her life. It is an uplifting document focusing on the language of consciousness. In a nutshell, when we are involved in transformation, we are in the process of consciously evolving our consciousness through the processes of awareness, transformation, and intent. The language we integrate into our consciousness which eventually finds a home in the subconscious is the key.

Toltec Terminology

The Mastery of Awareness













Awareness is clear information regarding us, others, situations, and circumstances that we include in our story of our past, and in the present moment with a focus toward the future. Once we become aware of our conditioning, programming, domestication, and beliefs, we re-create our lives in synchronicity with who we are at the core, what is practical, what feeds our spirit, and our understanding of how the Universe works. This Glossary contains language guides the way.


An agreement is a contract, or shared opinion between two or more people. During domestication we made agreements with parents and others that were often against our will or not in our integrity. Because we were children, we had little or no choice. We were domesticated through the practice of reward and punishment. These agreements ultimately controlled our lives. As get older, we make new agreements with awareness, we exercise personal freedom. When we scrutinize the agreements we made, we realize that many agreements were in conflict with each other, and do not support our happiness and personal freedom. As we integrate new agreements into our lives, the old ones that no longer serve us cannot withstand the light of awareness and disintegrate. When we live by new agreements, such as The Four the Agreements, those we made during domestication disappear and we find our unique and authentic selves. Life evolves in directions we never imagined.











Attention is focusing on what we learn, see, hear, feel, and experience in the present moment. Energy flows where attention goes. When we choose to be aware of ourselves, we can track our attention and become aware of our creation in real time, often choosing to make a different choice.


Beliefs are the series of filters through which we perceive, comprising of the core system through which we create our lives. Much of what we believe is not fashioned by us, but from our family of origin, as well as the time, place, and culture into which we are born. Without awareness of our beliefs, we live our life on autopilot, interpreting life through filters that are not originally our own, and then acting on them. Becoming aware of our beliefs opens the door to making choices in our best interest and in alignment with the highest good of all. A working definition of a belief is: A belief is a dream, a simulated reality shaped by our most pivotal experiences and what we have decided they mean. A belief projects its point of view onto all that we perceive and without awareness, often distorting what is.

The Book of Law

Our belief system has a Book of Law that rules our lives. Whatever has been placed in the Book of Law is our supreme truth; we base all our judgments on it. Ironically, though the Book of Law is exclusively ours, we did not create it. The Book of Law is the result of many components, domestication, conditioning, the Dream of the Planet, the mores and folkways of our society, the language that we speak, and so on.

We live by the laws in our Book of Law, which is housed in our subconscious. Without awareness of what is contained in our unique Book of Law, we lose the opportunity to create our lives from our unique point of view, which includes our purpose or passion. By shining the light of awareness on The Book of Law, we create the opportunity to design our lives from present moment awareness. For an example, if we include that lying is a deal breaker in our Book of Law and someone lies to us, or intentionally leaves out the truth, that person has knowingly broken the laws we have shared from our personal Book of Law. At this time, we have a decision to make. Making a new decision is often a challenge.


For our purposes, consciousness is defined as the quality or state of awareness or being aware of an external or internal. It has been defined as: sentience, awareness, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind. Consciousness is often referred to as broadly shared underlying intuition. Consciousness is anything we are aware of at a given moment -- making conscious experience at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives.

We will define consciousness as the relationship between the mind and deeper truths that are thought to be more fundamental than the physical world. Consciousness can be viewed on a continuum from ordinary awareness on one end to a more profound and deeper awareness, sometimes referred to as knowing from the 5 senses in conjunction with the 6 senses—intuition. When we are involved in programs in which awareness is the key, we are in the process of consciously evolving our consciousness.

The subconscious is the part of consciousness that is not currently in focal awareness. It is the place in our minds where language, memories, beliefs, assumptions, agreements, emotions, and knowledge are stored. Unfortunately, we are often not aware of our subconscious brain function, Fortunately, it is the place where the autonomic nervous system resides which manages body function such as breathing. When we make new agreements by practicing The Four Agreements, the subconscious shifts from the former method which is reaction to a more conscious method of response.


Control can be described as being either negative or positive. Control is negative when we are controlled by the situation and circumstances outside of ourselves: living from inside a box, while believing we are safe because we have the illusion of control. In essence a people who need to control are stuck, but believe they are safe. Control is positive when it morphs to self-discipline and self-control. In this way control is power—the power to be who we really are.

Domestication / Conditioning of Humans

Another word for “domestication” is socialization. We are taught how to perceive, use words, take actions, and respond and interpret events around us by our primary caregivers – usually our parents. Domestication is reinforced directly through reward and punishment, and indirectly through our interpretation of experiences. Thus, we learn language, values, opinions, beliefs, concepts, and knowledge through the process of domestication. After repeated patterns of parental action, words, and emotional responses, as well as conditioning from the dream of the planet, we become self- domesticated – much like cats and dogs are domesticated by their owners.


We are dreaming all the time – often without the awareness that we are dreaming. We believe that our perception of the world is real. Instead, our Dream is distorted by our beliefs, concepts, agreements, etc. We are dreaming whether we are awake or asleep. When we sleep, however, there is no structured framework around the dream.
We believe that our dream is the absolute truth, but our dream can never really be more than our own truth. After all, there are over seven billion people on the planet, all dreaming their own unique dreams. Of course, there are similarities among dreamers with comparable domestication. Even when there are similarities, however, differences exist, which can be the source of judgment, conflict, separation, and competition, creating disharmony and dis-ease.

The Dream of the Planet

The entire population of Earth unknowingly consents to the Dream of the Planet. In the West, we live in houses determined by biological families that comprise communities,
towns, cities, and countries, separated by and agreed upon arbitrary borders. We attend school, marry, maintain families, adhere to designated roles within the family, grow old, and then die. We accept fear, suffering, and personal limitation as though they were inevitable, instead of recognizing that we are participating in a Planetary Dream. When each of us dreams our dream of connection, contribution, sharing, gratitude and love, the Dream of the Planet transforms as well. Together, we empower the new Dream of peace, harmony, support, balance, and purpose to emerge as the new Dream of the Planet—a dream created from awareness and connection rather than separation, and/or competition.

Emotional Holograms

Emotional holograms are three-dimensional: in this case humans, whose behaviors are attached to thoughts and stories that are reactions in the present moment based on experiences in the past. When we are not aware that the emotional hologram is in action, we make choices that are stored in the subconscious, that often do not serve us in the present moment. When making choices, it is often advisable to wait till the right moment. That takes trust that there will be a right moment. Practice waiting and see what happens.


Energy is our ability to do work (physical or mental). Energy always exists in one form or another; Energy cannot be destroyed, though it can be transformed, and transmuted. We can transmute negative energy by integrating tools of positive transformation into our lives.

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