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Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual life coaching works on the inner path, which in turn enables us to discover our deepest  values and meanings by which to live.  


My work with people is based in three Spiritual areas: 


  • the age-old wisdom of the Toltec brought to the modern age by don Miguel Ruiz, Jr, Carlos Castaneda, and other Toltec authors and teachers 

  • the process of self-discovery through Mastering Awareness, Transformation and Intent  

  • the Universal Laws, such as The Law of Attraction and The Law of Cause and Effect enlivened from a focus on Gratitude.  


Spiritual Life Coaching Process


I guide individuals through the Toltec Masteries of Awareness, Transformation and Intent to re-create their lives from the integrity of who they truly are.


Clients who work with me are committed to living purposeful lives rooted in a combination of examined values, self-determined beliefs and a blending of knowledge and wisdom in action.


The result is the internalization of tangible on-going authentic insights for continued growth, and participation in the evolving consciousness of humanity. I do my best to live the teaching I share with others, discovering hidden strengths, gifts and talents in myself, and the individuals I coach.


Coaching Fees

Fees are paid at the beginning of each month and include two calls with assignments in between, including email communication.  Monthly fees start at $250/month. 




Spiritual Life Coaching Framework


Spiritual Life Coaching from my point of view is discovering who we are, led by the energy that initiates in the heart.


When we live our lives from love of ourselves continuing with love for all sentient beings and the Earth, we live our lives in sync with the Natural world.


Thus, not only do we live from our personal highest self we positively effect the lives of others. Happiness and joy abound. Decisions come not only from our intellect, or the opinions of others, but from our intuition and heart-felt knowing as well. This method works in providing individuals  with the tools to live a consistently balanced , productive life of personal freedom and sustained happiness. 

Guided Spiritual Journeys


I believe the path of transformation is often revealed on a journey to a sacred site.


You are invited to partake in this journey of self-discovery to

Teotihuacan, the Pyramid City of the Toltec Masters

Future dates to be determined.


For more information, visit the Journeys page. 

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