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After the Holidays: What do we do?

After spending time with family during the holidays we can really think about ourselves and our family members - what do our family members need from us now?

I spent time with my family, specifically visiting with my 14 year old nephew. He is going through that very awkward stage of Who am I? I thought I could be a helpful auntie by sharing my own experience in relationship with him separately since he's so into technology. We are in the process of making that happen and that way I can talk to him because I know I lived with him for 2 years of his life when he was very small and developed a special connection. I really want to play with that idea .

Duringn the holidays I also spent a good deal of time with my six year old grandson. I spent more time just playing with him without his brother. We developed a bond and I want to keep that going as well and I'm going to do that by writing to him letters that can be printed and read to him.

I don't get enough time to connect with my step daughter either and during this time I learned she is into diving and snorkeling. I wish to communicate more with then and will be making those changes in my life rather than just going about my business as usual after the holidays.

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