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A customized healing and wellness retreat in Asheville, North Carolina for individuals, couples and cozy groups scheduled throughout the Spring, Summer or Fall. Contact me for details. 


The Asheville Experience is my own invention. When I arrived in Asheville eight years ago from Long Island New York, I was astounded at all the excellent healing and wellness modalities Asheville offers to those who travel here. I share this experience in a special spiritual and healing retreat customized for visitors. Asheville is nestled among the mountains of western North Carolina and is known as an active spiritual center, drawing many healing and wellness practitioners.


I host couples, small groups (3 to 4) or individuals interested in an intense customized retreat of healing and wellness.  I provide meditation, Toltec teaching, psychotherapy, couples therapy and meditation in my home pyramid.  I also arrange other healing and wellness services (massage therapists, reflexologists, various energy workers, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, Access Consciousness Facilitators).

Healing and Wellness Offerings

Choose from a menu of experiences which include:

● Meditating in the Pyramid or garden spaces
● Toltec Art of Dreaming (meditation with intention)
● Spiritual Life Coaching sessions
● Toltec teaching
● Psychotherapy
● Couples Counseling

I can also arrange the following services at my home, or in the offices of healers as part of your retreat:

● Massage therapists
● Reflexologists
● Various energy workers
● Naturopathic Doctors
● Acupuncturists
● Access Consciousness Facilitators

Lodging and Fees

Fees are based on arranged services after a consultation. Meals that meet your dietary requirements are included in your retreat. 


To Book

The Asheville Experience must be determined and planned at least one month in advance of your stay, and is available during the Spring, Summer and Fall.


To Plan and Schedule Your Retreat:

Call Michele for a consultation, and together we will
explore your individual needs and create a program just for you.



The cost will range from $200.00 a day and up
depending on your specific needs, desires, and
length of stay.


To Get Started:

Phone: 828-665-1673

Meditation Pyramid in House
View of Mount Pisgah
Michele Leading Guided Meditation in Pyramid
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