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From Randy Stepp:

Teo can be transformational - if you allow it.


My first trip to Teo in 2012 was terrifying ~ until I stopped fighting it ~ by being real with the group. I’m not much of a joiner and large group social interactions are very difficult for me. My usual MO: “I keep my heart closed to protect myself.” However, I trusted Ellen enough to know I would be safe, and she’d look out for me if I got into ‘emotional trouble.’


I was at a turning point in my life and wanted guidance on making some career/life path decisions. I went to Teo hoping to find answers. The first part of the trip was a struggle ~ I was closed off. I didn’t understand the Love & Ease some of the other participants seemed to feel. It scared me. It didn’t feel genuine to me; but consider: I didn’t know any of them (except Ellen), I was trying to heal from a prior ‘bad experience’ with the main trip facilitator, and I just am very shy. There, it quickly became clear ~ “open up my heart or stay stuck!” I didn’t trust others or Life - at all! The guided exercises prepared me for a moment of decision ~ engage or stay shut. I saw Life through a certain “camera lens” /script of expectations.


With Ellen’s support, I found the courage to open up enough to the group one night to be genuine and engage, to share that “I just didn’t get or believe their love was real.” THAT leap changed the trip and led to a path of growth.


Less than 24 hours after my return from that first trip to Teo, I fell off a horse and broke six ribs. It was a hard landing! Yet, it was the best thing that could have happened, likely saved my life and started my life and health on a different direction. I reached out to my TEO tribe from the hospital, asking for support as I weighed into some difficult health news the ‘landing’ provided. Ultimately, it positively changed the biological core of who I am and helped me to challenge more beliefs and automated programming - the Dream of the planet. It allowed me to learn how to step back and feel into my truth ~ whatever it was.


My next trip was in 2015, after the work initiated from 2012 Teo trip was completed. It was time for more inspiration and “instructions from The Universe.”


That trip was all about love and being seen. Supporting others and allowing others to support me. Learning to be more comfortable being open and expressive, allowing my Light to shine.


I now know … when I need a reset, guidance on making path changes, to help me come home to myself, go to Teo!

From Richard Gadilauskas:

I didn't quite have the picture beforehand of what I was about to experience, how could you?


Each person's inner world will respond differently depending on where they are in their walk, and also, I feel, according to how much one puts into the experience.


I am glad I didn't go in with any preconceived notions; things unfolded sublimely because of this. Upon coming home, after a brief period of spaciness, I began to notice that I was finding it easier to focus on things I was doing in the moment.


I was also able to more quickly center myself and my meditations became deeper, and this has not diminished over time. I do know that it was definitely not something in the water, but it may have been the food-unbelievable.


Another big part of the whole journey was the conference calls before and after the trip.


Communing and sharing, especially after the trip as one is getting reoriented, to me was invaluable. This was another unexpected extra that made it something I look forward to doing again.


Definitely recommended.

From Lisa Rowe:

Just imagine the unfolding of life in a place designed to teach living--one moment, one step at a time.


A place where clarity arrives without the need of making sense of it. Teotihuacan is such a place. Guided by two Toltec Wisdom Keepers, Michele and Russ, I disabled my pre-programmed hard drive (mind) and followed my heart.


Each day I reunited with a missing piece, a lesson long buried or overlooked during the years searching for my Self.


One step, one stop at a time along the Avenue of the Dead I met grief and her allies.


I met anger.


I met fear.


I carried these companions to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun and descended weary.


And freed.


Teo was designed to teach and transform.


It did.


Returning to the Dreaming House each afternoon was a significant part of the discovery process. It was a safe place with healing energy and loving hosts/hostesses. Each day's work could find a resting place in my body and psyche with such a place to come 'home' to after our daily wanderings and wonderings.