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The Power of Affirmative Prayer

Recently, I have been grappling with feelings of confusion, imbalance, and lack of peace. Just because you are a spiritual life coach does not mean you don't have to re-educate yourself, that your old ways and habits don't creep back into your life.

I am eager to share a personal Dreaming experience as an example of the unique and brilliant way a regular Toltec Dreaming Practice can influence the quality of our lives. At times, I am aware of external chaos affecting my daily life, the concomitant stress in my body, and feelings of confusion resulting in my feeling stuck in making decisions. When this occurs, I take affirmative prayer into my Dreaming Practice.

Affirmative prayer is a powerful force for connecting with the spirit of good while asserting positive beliefs about the desired outcome. When I focus my intent and trust behind affirmative prayer, and Dream, the wisdom to create emerges, and magical support appears.

Today, the following words of daily inspiration by don Miguel Ruiz appeared in my inbox “With our power of creation, we express the force of life in everything we say, everything we feel, everything we do.” As these words permeated and penetrated into my Dreaming Practice, it became clear as I observed my thoughts, and heard the words I had been repeating in my head, I had allowed someone else’s life to permeate my sovereignty and become my focus, zapping my energy and creating a barrier to my momentum and personal power.

As I Dreamed I heard the voice of my Spirit guide, Grey Eagle, "You repeated an old pattern, putting someone in obvious need ahead of your own needs. You are trying to change someone’s behavior so you can get back to self-care. Instead return to self-care. Remember, people will be true to their nature, and do not want to be fixed, no matter how wise your counsel is. For many, only when they hit bottom, will they wake up and some never will. It is not up to you. No matter how much love you offer, your love will not change them. Let go of the other and take care of yourself. Just say no more.”

Then the words of The Circle of Fire Prayer by don Miguel Ruiz flooded my consciousness and I remembered. One night over fifteen years ago during my Toltec Dreaming Apprenticeship, one of my teachers, Gary Van Warmerdam, guided our group of forty participants in repeating The Circle of Fire Prayer of don Miguel Ruiz through the night till dawn. We repeated the Prayer in unison over and over again until the words were infused in our bodies. In my Dreaming Practice the words came back to me and I felt them in my heart and heard them in my head. I share these words with you here.

Today, is the day of the Lord September 1, 2016 when the Divinity returns to me

When living my Free Will, and with all the Power of my Spirit,

I decide to live my life in free Communion with God,

With no Expectations.

I will live my life with Gratitude, Love, Loyalty and Justice,

Beginning with Myself,

And continuing with my Brothers and Sisters.

I will respect all Creations as the Symbol or my Love communion

With the One who Created me.

To the Eternal Happiness of Humanity.

May the sun that I am shine brightly.

(© Miguel Ruiz, author of Prayers: A Communion with our Creator.)

This epiphany came during my Dreaming Practice. I was drained as a result of giving my power away. I was exhausted by my love, and desire to help. Underneath it all, I was angry--- angry that though I gave so much, the situation only got worse. Yet, it was my choice to give, and now I would give to myself, and keep my own attention. When I got up from my Dreaming Practice, I was revitalized and clear. Prepared to say “no more” and mean it, and focus on my attention on my creation. Once I made this choice, the magic happened. The way to relinquish what I had come to believe was my responsibility to another showed up as if by magic. Others came forth to lend a helping hand in ways I never imagined. When I let go and surrendered, everything changed for the better for all concerned.

Often I re-learn what I already know. With a consistent Dreaming Practice, I re-educate myself while creating a place for silence with intention, the wisdom appears.

If you want to alleviate unnecessary suffering open yourself to learning the Toltec Dreaming Practice. My greatest joy is teaching others this tool that is so central to my happiness.

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