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Why my Dreaming Practice is vital in my day

“Your beliefs become your thoughts...

Your thoughts become your words....

Your words become your actions....

Your actions become your habits...

Your habits become your values....

Your values become your destiny.”

― Mahatma Gandhi ―

Why my Dreaming Practice is vital in my day

Perhaps this quotation from Mahatma Gandhi is the perfect answer for those who have asked about my blog posts. People complain that they do not have time to Dream or meditate. They say "I have enough to do without spending silent time in their Dreaming chair." Without Dreaming, which can be defined as meditation with intention, I notice that I become human doing; I lose my human being-ness.

Without the awareness of what we are thinking we are destined to live an unexamined life. A consistent

Dreaming practice opens the path to personal awareness. Humans possess the ability to focus their

attention on anything they choose. Without awareness, we sleep through our daily lives, often re-living

the beliefs of our early conditioning or programming from our family of origin. The determination to

create my destiny through awareness of what makes me happy and supports my personal freedom,

which is the Toltec path, is at the core of my beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. As I alleviate my

personal suffering, and experience sustained happiness which is my birthright, I expand my light in the


This morning’s Dreaming Practice

This morning, as I relaxed into my Dreaming position in the pyramid structure that is the principal point

in my living room, I had a “to-do” list. The intention to quiet mind and focus on my breath was not

working. Without Judgment, while focusing on my breath, I allowed my laundry list to dance through my


  • Call the insurance company about a crack in the wind shied

  • check my airbnb site for new reservations and communicate with guests,

  • call a friend who got married this weekend,

  • check the weather,

  • guide my house-mate as he weed wacked distinguishing the plants from the weeds

  • complete washing and folding the laundry

  • unload the dishwasher

  • check my lab reports from my doctor and make the necessary communication,

  • prepare for and make a scheduled business call

  • make a short list for the supermarket

  • collect money from my house-mates for groceries

  • write this blogpost, …

I allowed the list to go on, and made a clear intention that I would remember the list when I returned to my day. At this writing I am in the midst of this blog post) and have completed the entries on my list, except the supermarket which I will achieve this evening after a Prosperity focused Class. Even dinner is made.

Then I was able to quiet my mind, and experience the silence. My mind cleared and feelings of gratitude

and appreciation flowed through me. When I left this Dreaming state, my mind was clear, and observed

myself in the now moment for the remainder of the day.

Though not every Dreaming time is like the one I chronicle here, it is not unusual for me to complete a “to-do” list before the welcomed silence emerges. This Dreaming Practice is a vital aspect of my morning

ritual; I do not judge myself when I am challenged by human responsibilities, and my mind needs to

empty before it will become quiet; I do not force myself to get quiet, which I have found really wastes

time while my monkey mind grows louder. I surrender to what it is, which then passes. I am grateful for

this Dreaming practice. In the silence, peace emerges. Surrendering to what is in each moment of I live

each day to the fullest.

Questions and comments are welcome.

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