Many decades ago, before I focused on knowing myself, I realized that I did not experience the world the same way the people around me did. So, I set out to find my “peeps.”

This is the first time in two decades that I am living alone. It occurred to me that I don’t always know what I am thinking if I have no one to talk to. I don’t always know what I believe unless the subject comes up in conversation. When I hear what I say, as well as others say, I get a clearer idea of my position.

The process, in a nutshell, has been to uncreate that which is not authentically an aspect of myself. I strive to make space to re-create myself with awareness. Reclaiming myself has opened a universe of possibility—a new beginning of choosing beliefs that support a life I love.


I have learned that the core of who I am, of who we all are, is what we believe. Our deepest beliefs about everything hold our attention, and they propel us into action or keep us from taking action. What we believe impacts our performance at work, our attitude about money, how we navigate the world, and how we conduct all our relationships.

How can you work with me?

Rev. Michele Laub, M.S.

Interfaith Minister,

All Faiths Seminary International

We are entering an Age addressing deeper spiritual needs. Many call it New Age. Perhaps, it is a rebirth of the most ancient wisdom from nature, from which life as we know it has emerged step by step. This is a new day. With the falling away of dogmatic systems of beliefs, we see the coming together of people of all faiths and traditions, looking for truth, deeper answers, while discovering new freedom from fear and limitation.

During this “Pause” brought about by the pandemic, and my absolute need to separate myself from it, I mediated meticulously while witnessing my thoughts and actions.  What was I going to do during this “Pause” in the Third Act of my life? It was then, the manifestation appeared -- a story I will share in the future on this website, guiding me to All Faiths Seminary International, and eventually Ordination as an Interfaith Minister in August 2021. Knowing Oneness from the inside out, and the myriad ways we are truly better together, underlies everything I have studied and defines my ministry.

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You don't know what you don't know,


You won't know until you start asking questions and seeking answers. 


Interview with Rev. Michele Laub M.S.

The Four Agreements - August 10, 2018

  • How did Michele get into The Four Agreements and how has it changed her life?

  • Explore day-to-day examples of living The Four Agreements.

  • Learn more about Michele's impressive list of credentials and which ones mean the most.

  • Out of 7 (now 8) visits to Teotihuacan, what stands out as the most important lesson? 

  • What is Michele looking forward to in future visits? 

Interview with Rev. Michele Laub M.S.

By Marilyn Ball 

Speaking of Travel

April 16, 2018

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