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The Toltec Program for Mastery of Self and Relationship Awareness

Awareness is the Key to Change


Pyramid of the Sun

The Spiritual home of the Toltecs, known as Artists of the Spirit, near Mexico City

Awareness is the Key to Change

If you seek to transform your life and engage in real change, as you discover your best self, then join us

in the Toltec Program of Awareness of Self and Relationships.

We are each Divine Expressions of Life not fully realized, impeded by:

  • Contemporary Stress of daily life

  • Resistance to change as a result of Conditioning

  • Belief Systems that are not working

  • Making Assumptions and acting on them

  • Focusing on Personal Importance


As you integrate the Tools of Awareness of yourself and your relationships, your life transforms.

Using the tools and practices of a modern day Toltec, also known as “an artist of the Spirit” you

re-create your life with Clarity, Intention and Vision. Every choice you make is in alignment with

your Life Purpose, your Values and the Qualities that lead to happiness. 

WEEKLY DESCRIPTIONS: Click here to read each week's teleclass description

FEES: $225.00 a month 

$625.00 if paid in advance which includes 2 additional 1 hour calls with Michele over the 3 month period mutually scheduled. (($250.00 value)

Access to recordings of the class

A 10% Discount on the upcoming trip to Teotihuacan


Registration begins with a Free 30 Minute Consultation to determine for you and us if this program is for you.



This 3 month program (12 weeks) is delivered via the Tele-Seminar format - a teleclass is held bi-weekly.  There are 7 teleclass sessions. Each teleclass is 1.5 hours in length and runs from 8:00am - 9:30am (eastern).  Reading and Assignments are completed in non-teleclass weeks. Individual consulting and guidance is provided as needed.  


September 15 - In this initial teleseminar, you will discover how you unknowingly create your Stress. 

Meet the Components of the Aware Mind. Become familiar with the Patterned Voice of your Subconscious. Recognize the gifts in your reactions to other people. You will practice your new Awareness in your daily life over the two weeks between classes.

September 29 - In this teleseminar, you will uncover Belief Systems that are operating below the surface.

You will learn how to be the Hunter of your beliefs. You will learn to silence the interpreter in your mind. You will to give up the need to be right. You will learn to love without limits. You will practice

your new Awareness in your daily life over the two weeks between classes.

October 13 - In this teleseminar, you will learn how making assumptions and taking things personally create the drama of distraction.

You will find the courage to set boundaries. You will learn to ask questions for clarification. You will learn the art of knowing when to act. You will learn how reflection works. .You will practice your new Awareness in your daily life over the two weeks between classes.


October 27 - In this teleseminar, you will learn how to make agreements with yourself and others that support your happiness.

You will learn to give up judgment. You will learn to stop fixing other people. You will learn the power of unconditional love for yourself and others. You will learn and practice the power of Affirmation. . You will practice your new Awareness in your daily life over the two weeks between classes.

November 10 - In this teleseminar, you will learn the importance of Gratitude and Forgiveness, and integrate these qualities into your daily life.

You will learn the art of “paying it forward.” in your personal and work related relationships. You will learn how to recognize the language of love of other people. You will focus on the art of forgiveness of yourself and others. You will practice your new Awareness in your daily life over the three weeks between classes.

December 3 - In this teleseminar, you will review your new way of being with other seminar participants. You will share your insights and experiences with a focus on Awareness. You will recognize who you are and the qualities, purpose and vision with which you choose to create your life. You will affirm the aspects of personal growth you notice in yourself. You will have the opportunity to connect to a buddy for further growth and additional discoveries.

Reading Materials:

Reading assignments with instructions will be provided at the end of each teleclass for completion during the non-teleclass weeks.  The reading materials are:


The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) by Don Miguel Ruiz (available on Amazon)


The Lexicon of Toltec Masteries of Awareness, Transformation and Intent by Michele S. Laub, MS - included in Program (download link will be provided to each participant)


Self-Discovery Questions






Program Note:  Toltec Mastery focuses on 3 stages. This 12 week program leads participants through the first stage - Awareness.  Descriptons of all stages, Awareness, Transformation & Intent are below.



Uncover negative false beliefs, childhood conditioning stored in your subconscious; discover the rigid structures and constricting conditions that prevent you from living your life from your unique purpose and focused intent.



We then move to transformation where we identify and test our new language and actions to help us transition from an ordinary to an extraordinary joy-filled life.



Mastering Intent is the transition from one of knowledge and willingness to real time change through planning, innovation, action, and tangible results.



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