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Self-Discovery Questions


Seeking a guide for personal growth and lasting change is a serious undertaking. This journey of self and relationship awareness includes active participation, self-exploration, reading assignments, group sharing and discussion, and one-on-one guidance through consultations with your teacher.

Practicing awareness using tools and methods under the guidance of a trained facilitator and teacher will guide you in choosing life altering thoughts, actions and emotions. You will awaken each morning with exuberance, living from your integrity while feeling confident as you discover new ways of relating to yourself and others.  


The first step is noticing your responses to the questions below from the place of honest introspection. We’ve created these questions to help you determine if this program or services are for you and what we mean by personal and relationship awareness.

  • Are you consistently seeking information and spiritual understanding,   attending workshops and reading self-help books, yet feel unfilled?

  • Do you question why you are not happy at work?

  • Do you wonder why your relationships are challenging?

  • Do you notice yourself complaining about your relationships to friends?

  • Do you have a constant gnawing feeling of unhappiness and dissatisfaction?

  • Do you notice you’ve been approaching your problems using the recommended methods, making behavioral changes and practices, but not achieving lasting results?

  • Do you notice you behave in ways that are not authentic and in your integrity?  

  • Have you chosen to evolve consciously at this time of profound life altering changes in our world, and want to speed up your process?

If you are ready for a coaching session or considering our programs, click here to book online.

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