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Join us Nov 13th - G.R.O.W. Goddesses Remembering Our Wisdom

As many of you know, Lisa Rowe the facilitator of G.R.O.W at the Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville is on a magical journey in Australia and New Zealand. Before she left, she asked me to lead the November 13, meeting of G.R.O.W. at our Center.

The theme for the Sunday, November 13th meeting of G.R.O.W “Don’t Take Anything Personally” is a fitting focus as we enter this holiday season. The story of personal importance, and how others affect us when they judge, give their opinions, and the way these stories trigger us often create needless drama and personal happiness particularly at holiday time.

Join me as we review the stories and circumstances to find the gifts, reflections and wisdom hidden in Taking Things Personally.

Learn to:

  • Be aware of what you are feeling-noticing—observing in yourself and others.

  • Turn the Drama off

  • See the reflection in the triggers that cause unhappiness

  • Consider another perspective

  • Make a new agreement of love and compassion for yourself and others.

Meet in the classroom at The Center for Spiritual Living 2 Science of Mind Way, Asheville NC 28806


November 13, 2016 - Free Class

1-2:30 PM

Join Michele Laub MS, Facilitator---Spiritual Life Coach, Four Agreement’s Facilitator, Mental Health Counselor, Certified Law of Attraction Specialist

Decide to live your best Holiday experience with family and friends as you celebrate this season.

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