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Wake Up to Who You Are and Dream Your Vision

With all the negativity rolling over us during this election season, it is challenge just to remain centered and in balance, and hold on to the vision of a world in which becoming all you are capable of being is the intention. Our politicians are asking what kind of America do we want to be? From my point of view, before we define what kind of America do we want to be, individuals are best off asking what kind of a person do I want to be? How do I live in accord with my intuition, creating my life with awareness from the world of all possibilities, living as a unique expression of who I am, of what supports my happiness and personal freedom.

Visioning is a special practice designed to activate our intuitive ability. It is based on the principle that Divine Intelligence is everywhere present. Imagine a radio signal broadcasting 24/7. It is only when we tune into the signal that the message is recognized and can be acted upon. All the discord of our lives arises because at some level we have created separation, and lost sight of Oneness, having forgotten how to tune in.

The process of tuning into our intuition resulting in visioning and then in manifesting our dreams, can be accomplished in groups of people seeking to find an answer in common interest, or the process can happen individually.

The process originated by Michael Bernard Beckwith follows these basic steps:

  1. Centering within until reaching an interior stillness. I recommend a regular meditation practice for the purpose of Centering. Try the phone application Insight Timer to guide your Meditation which presently consists of 3,068 free guided meditations, music tracks, talks and courses . Just go to Play Store and download the free app. Some of the playlists are: Self-Love, First Time, Chanting, Sleep, and Mindfulness.

  2. Follow with personal inquiry….What is seeking to emerge through me? What must I become to manifest this version? What must I release to manifest this vision? What talents, gifts, and capacities do I already have that can serve this vision. After asking each question, the individual remains in a meditative silence to receive guidance from her intuition/ highest self.

  3. Visioning and recognizing the vision, then setting an intention and clarifying goals.

  4. Continue by taking actions, and being attentive to the demonstration of these goals.

  5. Enjoying the manifestation, blessing the manifestation, and expressing gratitude for your personal experience of Oneness completes the process.

  6. Begin the cycle again. Listen to your intuition to know when.

This is a process you can perform on your own. If you choose guidance, I am happy to guide you.

Cost $50.00 on phone or in person.

Call 828-665-1673 for an appointment.

For more information about Michele and her work go to:

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