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Re- Dreaming Your Life with Awareness


How do you obtain sustained happiness and personal freedom? It begins with shifting your experience through Toltec Dreaming

My Life Before Awareness

I was a different me when I lived my life without present moment awareness. Like most of us, I was attached to a distorted version of reality that lived inside my head, and I believed it. I projected the anxiety, worry and fear and “not enough” stories in my head to the world outside of me, feeding my negativity and unhappiness through my distorted perception.

Life is a constant state of Dreaming

Presently as a practicing Toltec (Artist of the Spirit) I live with awareness that my life, like everyone else’s is a Dream manifested from this filtered reality inside my head. We are Dreaming all the time. The night-time Dream is free, frameless, symbolic and metaphoric while our daytime Dream has a frame around based in the language we speak, the time and place in which we live, our family of origin, our social status, conditioning and domestication and many other parameters.

Your Dream is your Personal Reality: Shift your experience and obtain sustained happiness and personal freedom

Our lives, grounded in our unique nature and temperament, as well as conditioned belief systems, opinions, agreements, emotional reactions, is our personal reality. It is unique only to the Dreamer herself, and it is tough to see outside of it. Once I started Dreaming as a Toltec Dreamer in the Toltec Mystery School, I shifted the experience of my life to present moment awareness. Sustained happiness and personal freedom was the result.

It is not good news till you share it-- the Intention of this blog and all the Programs connected to it is as a guide to readers in this process -- Re-Dreaming Your Life with Awareness. The next blog is an Exercise to begin your Dreaming practice.

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