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Michele Laub

In 1983, Michele founded Human Potential Unlimited, Inc. an organization dedicated to supporting individuals in their quest for personal freedom and happiness. As a licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice and High School Guidance Counselor for over 20 years, she discovered many elements which her clients needed to live their best lives were lacking.

Over the past 20 years, Michele has shifted focus from traditional humanistic psychotherapy to combining The Toltec Masteries of Awareness, Transformation and Intent with the action-oriented approach of Spiritual Life Coaching.  

Michele’s work combines the wisdom of the ancient Toltecs as brought forth by authors don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love, The Fifth Agreement) and Ray Dodd (The Power of Belief, BeliefWorks) with intentional meditation, transformational psychology, spirituality, and past life regression hypnotherapy to support lasting and positive change.


It truly is ancient wisdom brought into the new age.


Ellen Luksch

Co-Founder of HeartSongs United, LLC

Ellen has experienced the magic of transformation and is dedicated to supporting each individual in discovering their own freedom to love themselves exactly as they are and to express that love in their own unique way.

Her 20 years of studying the Toltec Path of Don Miguel are enhanced by:

  • A deep understanding of the way patterns and trauma wire in the human body and energetic field

  • A ruthless support of acceptance, compassion and forgiveness

  • A profound love for writing and sharing mystical poetry

  • A dedication to bringing mindful awareness to schools, teachers and students


This commitment is supported by:

  • Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Certified Trauma Professional

  • Psychotherapy Practice of 27 years

  • Acupressure and Energy Work 

  • Four Agreements Wisdom Group Facilitator

  • Dreaming Teacher



  • MS in Clinical Psychology

  • Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Certified Jin Shin Do® BodyMind Acupressure® Practitioner

  • Psychotherapy practice for 27 years

  • Certified Four Agreements Wisdom Group Facilitator since 2003

  • Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Facilitator since 2002

  • Counselor and Mindful Awareness Teacher in the Public Schools for 16 years

  • Toltec Dreaming Teacher for 10 years

Ellen Luksch photo.jpg
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