Why my Dreaming Practice is vital in my day

“Your beliefs become your thoughts... Your thoughts become your words.... Your words become your actions.... Your actions become your habits... Your habits become your values.... Your values become your destiny.” ― Mahatma Gandhi ― Why my Dreaming Practice is vital in my day Perhaps this quotation from Mahatma Gandhi is the perfect answer for those who have asked about my blog posts. People complain that they do not have time to Dream or meditate. They say "I have enough to do without spending silent time in their Dreaming chair." Without Dreaming, which can be defined as meditation with intention, I notice that I become human doing; I lose my human being-ness. Without the awareness of wha

Toltec Dreaming Practice: Preparation Exercise

How does one learn to Toltec Dream? Dreaming = Meditation with Awareness Let’s start with learning to Dream, Toltec style. Toltec Master and the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom, Sheri Rosenthal defines Toltec Wisdom as: “a technique that enables us to change our ordinary dream of nonawareness into one of awareness by the purposeful use of our attention.” Previously our dream of nonawareness was constructed by the circumstances into which we were born such as our family of origin. Dreaming has also been defined as Meditation with Awareness and it begins with learning preparing yourself for Dreaming. Here is the formula to begin: 1. Get Comfortable. Find a comfortable

Re- Dreaming Your Life with Awareness

How do you obtain sustained happiness and personal freedom? It begins with shifting your experience through Toltec Dreaming My Life Before Awareness I was a different me when I lived my life without present moment awareness. Like most of us, I was attached to a distorted version of reality that lived inside my head, and I believed it. I projected the anxiety, worry and fear and “not enough” stories in my head to the world outside of me, feeding my negativity and unhappiness through my distorted perception. Life is a constant state of Dreaming Presently as a practicing Toltec (Artist of the Spirit) I live with awareness that my life, like everyone else’s is a Dream manifested from this filte

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